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How the Biologic Works

Specially advised tablets (Acetest) or artificial analysis strips (Chemstrip K, Ketostix) ascertain the attendance of ketones in the urine and claret (Acetest only). Ketones are substances that are formed if the physique break down fats and carbohydrates for activity or food. If there are too abounding ketones in the body, they discharge over into the urine. Ketones may be begin in the urine of humans who are fasting, on starvation diets, or in diabetics who accept a actual top claret amoroso akin because of abridgement of insulin. Ketones are not present in accustomed urine.


To ascertain ketones in urine.

To adviser for diabetic ketoacidosis, a aggravation of diabetes that may advance to diabetic coma. Ketoacidosis occurs in amoral diabetes.

Acetest alone – To ascertain ketones in urine and in blood.

Liver and branch action tests acute the administering of phthalein compounds such as bromsulfophthalein, phenolsulfonphthalein (PSP), or phenyl ketones (large quantities) may baffle with the ketone tests.

Specimen Collection and Preparations: Collect alpha urine in apple-pie dry alembic and analysis as anon as possible. If testing cannot be done aural an hour, air-condition immediately. Let urine acknowledgment to allowance temperature (59° to 86°F) afore testing. Mix urine thoroughly afore testing. Urine that is not activated appropriate abroad or use of urine preservatives may affect analysis results. Storage and handling:

For Acetest tablets – These tablets are abiding in the unopened alembic if stored at temperatures amid 59° and 86°F. Protect from heat, moisture, and light. Once opened, adherence is decreased with acknowledgment to moisture, heat, and light. The canteen accept to be arbitrary promptly afterwards removing a tablet. Tablets should be acclimated on a approved base and not stored for an continued aeon of time afterwards the canteen is opened. Tan-tobrown birthmark or concealment of the book is an adumbration of deterioration.

For ChemStrip K-Avoid acquaintance with derma and close membranes. Keep bare analysis strips in the aboriginal canteen with the cap deeply closed. ChemStrip Kwill abide abiding in the aboriginal capped canteen until the listed cessation date. To abstain moisture, alter the aboriginal stopper, which contains a dehydration agent, anon afterwards use. Store at allowance temperature (59° to 86°F). Protect from heat, moisure, and light. Do not freeze.

For Ketostix-Keep fingers or added altar from affecting the reagent breadth afore testing. Store at allowance temperatures amid 59° and 86°F. Protect from heat, moisture, and light. Keep bare analysis strips in the aboriginal canteen with the cap deeply closed. Always alter the cap anon and tightly. A new canteen can be acclimated for 6 months. Always address the date you aboriginal opened the canteen on the canteen label. Do not use the strips afterwards the cessation date has passed. Never alteration strips to addition bottle. Do not abolish the dehydration abettor from bottle. It absorbs damp and keeps the strips dry. Never put affection or added abstracts in the bottle. If the reagent breadth becomes bedimmed or darkened, bandy the band abroad and use a band from a new bottle. If application the alone foil-wrapped strips, do not abolish strips until just above-mentioned to use.

Drug Interactions

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are demography or if you are planning to yield any over-the-counter or decree medications or comestible supplements while testing for ketones. The afterward drugs and biologic classes collaborate with the tests to could cause ambiguous results.


Phthalein compounds (eg, brom sulfophthalein)

Levodopa (eg, Larodopa)

Mesna (eg, Mesnex) tions)

Nitrofurantoin (Furadantin)


Phenazopyridine (eg, Pyridium)

Guidelines for Use

Follow the instructions on the characterization exactly.

Monitor urine for glucose and ketones as prescribed. Adviser urine ketones abnormally if your claret glucose akin has been added than 250 mg/dL for 2 afterwards claret glucose determinations. Claret glucose ecology is capital to accomplish accustomed claret amoroso levels. Keep clue of your claret glucose after-effects so that adjustments in your analysis affairs can be fabricated added easily.

Ketones are not present in accustomed urine. Ketones in urine could be a assurance of illness, stress, or poor diabetes control. Anon address any absolute analysis aftereffect to your doctor.

Have all of the abstracts you charge afore alpha the test: Tesfstrips or tablets, timer (stopwatch or watch with additional hand), and a Apple-pie dry container. For Acetest you will charge a dropper and a clean, white section of paper.

Color eyes is bare to appropriately apprehend analysis results. Accept anyone abroad affirm after-effects if in doubt.

If analysis after-effects assume questionable, affirm that artefact is aural theexpiration date on the bottle. Repeat the analysis application a new analysis band ortablet and alpha urine specimen.

Acetest-When a bead of urine is put assimilate a tablet, the bead should be captivated aural 30 seconds. If assimilation takes added than 30 seconds, the tablets accept been apparent to damp and may not g.ive acceptable results.

As with all class tests, absolute analytic or ameliorative decisions should not be based on any individual aftereffect or method.

Patients with diabetes should analysis for ketones:

When you accept a cold, the flu, or any added affectionate of illness. If your urine amoroso analysis after-effects appearance you are spilling ample amounts of amoroso (at atomic 2% for at atomic 2 tests in a row or several days).

When you feel the signs of top claret amoroso (more than 240mg/dL) or if your claret amoroso is able-bodied over the ambit your doctor or drillmaster has set for you.

When you are beneath abnormal concrete or affecting stress. Regularly during pregnancy.

Participate in a diabetes apprenticeship affairs so that youl1nderstand diabetes and all aspects of its treatment, including diet, exercise, claimed hygiene, and how to self-monitor claret glucose.

Diabetes apprenticeship abstracts may be acquired through your bounded affiliate of the American Diabetes Association.

Do not use opened or unopened artefact afterwards cessation date.